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The Perks of Working in the Gaming Industry

Heads up, gamers! If you’ve been eyeing the gaming industry for a while now, there are now more reasons to aspire to become part of the companies behind the games that you love. Among all of the reasons, here are a few which explain why working in the industry rocks: No Age Restrictions Back in […]

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The Why’s Behind YouTube’s $1 Billion Acquisition of Twitch

As the rumors indicated, Twitch is being acquired by YouTube. The price: $1 billion, as several reports claim. That’s certainly a lot of money. To take things in perspective, Motorola was bought by Lenovo for less than $3 billion while Microsoft bought Nokia for a little over $7 billion. Ask anyone you meet on the […]

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Updates on Xbox One: A Kinect-less Package, External Storage and Video Chat While Gaming

Sure, the XBox One was handily beaten by Sony's PS4 but this does not mean that the console from Microsoft has ceased to be relevant. The console still managed to sell millions of units worldwide and fortunately, Microsoft is not running out of options to attract more buyers. Here are some good news for Xbox […]

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Game Review: Lume

Lume, a production of the State of Play Group, has many fans as well as critiques. The game is basically based on solving puzzles for bringing back electricity to Lume's grandfather's house that has undergone a power failure due to some reason. The house is made out of cardboard and paper, and is a treat for […]

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