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Conker is your all-in-one learning platform that makes
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All-in-one LMS

Manage your content, learners, and delivery through a simple, intuitive dashboard.

Powered by AI

Utilize AI to create engaging, next-level content that captivates your learners like never before.

Tailored to your brand

Produce professional, on-brand content that delights and engages your audience.

Courses you'll enjoy building

Conker was designed with your experience in mind. Enjoy a user-friendly platform that evolves based on your feedback, making course creation effortless and enjoyable.

Beautiful interface
Easily edited and customized
Suited for all businesses
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Our Process

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Choose a template

Select from a variety of professionally designed templates to kickstart your course creation. Each template is customizable to fit your specific needs, ensuring a smooth start to your training content.


Write the content

Easily add your course material using our intuitive editor. Enhance your content with multimedia elements, quizzes, and interactive features to create an engaging learning experience.


Share with learners

Effortlessly distribute your course to your audience via email, link, or your preferred platform. Track progress and gather insights with our comprehensive analytics tools to ensure your learners are on the path to success.

Reimagine your online training today.